Sunday, June 28, 2009

Outside Potty

This morning we woke up and got ready for to go to the water park. I was hoping to wake up early and go to the free swim at 8am. It's so hot that 8am would be a nice time to swim. Of course we didn't make that and the waterpark doesn't open until 10. Mom, Tanya, and Camryn came with us. We only stayed about an hour and a half but the kids had fun. Both of my boys were tired and fussy. I was hoping to get the boys to take a nap when we got home b/c we had a b-day party at 3 but of course my kids didn't fall asleep until about 2pm and we missed the party. Anyway we just stayed at the house watched tv the rest of the day.

Day 2 of Potty Training and still no pee or poo in the potty but he went outside several times. He seems like he's starting to understand that he can go. Hopefully once he gets use to this we can get him to use the inside potty but for now it's outside potty.

Tonight me mom, Tanya, Camryn and Tyler all went to the movies and saw My Sister's Keeper. It was a good movie. We all cried like babies :)

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