Sunday, June 28, 2009

Outside Potty

This morning we woke up and got ready for to go to the water park. I was hoping to wake up early and go to the free swim at 8am. It's so hot that 8am would be a nice time to swim. Of course we didn't make that and the waterpark doesn't open until 10. Mom, Tanya, and Camryn came with us. We only stayed about an hour and a half but the kids had fun. Both of my boys were tired and fussy. I was hoping to get the boys to take a nap when we got home b/c we had a b-day party at 3 but of course my kids didn't fall asleep until about 2pm and we missed the party. Anyway we just stayed at the house watched tv the rest of the day.

Day 2 of Potty Training and still no pee or poo in the potty but he went outside several times. He seems like he's starting to understand that he can go. Hopefully once he gets use to this we can get him to use the inside potty but for now it's outside potty.

Tonight me mom, Tanya, Camryn and Tyler all went to the movies and saw My Sister's Keeper. It was a good movie. We all cried like babies :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Potty Training Day 1

I know I know we just took the paci from him last week but I wanted to try to potty train him during the summer. I would rather me be able to do it and not have to worry about his teacher at school doing it. Anyway he's going to ESY(summer school) and next week they don't have school. I decided to cancel all his therapy for next week to and just see how he does. If he isn't ready then we will try again in a few months. Today we just stayed in underware and no pullups and I tried to make him go sit on the potty often. No luck getting him to go in the potty but he did pee outside!!!! He was really excited about it and so I think that's a start.

We went to my parents house that afternoon My dad cooked and the kids swam.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

He's walking!

Sage started walking today! He's been walking on furniture, holding your hand or pushing behind a toy, but this morning he just got up and walked across the living room. It's funny to see him walking like that. All throughout the day today he would get up and walk but for the most part he's still crawling. It's almost like he doesn't even know he is actually walking.

Daxton is talking so much more I just can't believe it. He's being able to tell me so much more and I love it! His lil personality is coming out with being able to communicate more. I have such high hopes for him. He's come so far and I can't wait to see how far he will continue to go. I know God is working in his life and has something special for his future.

Yesterday we had a great day. Dax went to school and Jordan, me and Sage ran errands and ended up getting new cell phones. It's been awhile since me and Jordan bought new phones. Ours didn't even have internet I felt like we were behind( lol) Anyway new phones are definately up to date with the works :) That afternoon Jordan kept Sage and me and Dax went swimming with Jana and Travis. Daxton loves swimming in the big inground pool with Travis. I love it too! It's nice to stay cool in this hot weather AND get a tan.

Today we stayed home most of the morning and then after Daxton was finished with speech we went to my parents house and the boys swam. Dax swam with Blade and Jazer in the pool and I set up a little pool on the porch for Sage. He loved it!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bye bye paci

Well we made it almost 72 hours without a paci. Can you believe that? Daxton was starting to want his paci at all times and so I decided we should try to take it away. He's understanding so much more so we told him that the paci fairy wanted his paci and she would bring him a present. (not sure how much of that he understood) Anyway he helped me put all of his pacifiers in a gift back and we hung the back outside. Him and Daddy swam and then a few hours later we went and looked in the bag. He was really excited to see his 2 new video games that the paci fairy left him but then put his hands over his face and said "Oh no what a do?" "My paci!!!" He really didn't even cry just whine about it. And of course has been asking me a hundred times a day for one.

Then just when I thought we might have seen the last of Daxton's paci guess what he found in the couch tonight? I didn't say anything and just let him fall asleep with it. Hopefully this doesn't set us back.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Let's catch up

Ok I'm determined to blog everyday! Right now it would be nice to at least blog once a week. Either way let me try to update.

Daxton~He is doing so good! I wish I would have been blogging these last few months because he has changed so much. He is talking in sentences and understanding so much more. He had a seizure in December. He had it at school and it only lasted a few minutes. The school ended up calling 911 b/c he went to sleep afterward and they thought he was having trouble breathing. He was fine at the hospital and went home a few hours later. About 2 weeks ago he had another seizure (or at least I think it was another one) It didn't last very long maybe 30-60seconds. They checked his Keppra levels and they came back on the low side so they increased his dose. Daxton had a great year at school. Right now he's going to extended school year (summer school) It's Monday-Thursday 9a-12p. I'm glad we decided to do it b/c I really think it will help him be ready for the next school year. He seems to be loving it too! Right now Daxton goes to speech twice a week for 30min with Mrs. M and then to ABA therapy twice a week. He is still on risperdal and the clonidine and of course the keppra. His behaviors are so much better. He still has his moments but I think it's a major improvement!

Sage~My baby is 1 years old! I can't believe it! He only has his two bottom teeth, so cute! He's trying to walk. He stands and walks the furniture and with his push toys and he has taken a few steps. I'm in no hurry for him to walk though. He sleeps in his own bed and doesn't even take a bottle during the night. This is very new for me b/c Daxton still sleeps with us and wakes up during the night. Sage loves to eat! He eats everything and would love to eat all day. He still refuses to drink out of a cup but just learned last night how to suck out of a straw. He is a little water bug like Daxton and could stay outside all day.

Baby #3~Yes we are pregnant again! I found out the day after Mother's day, May 11th. This is our first surprise baby and is due January 15, 2010. I'm 10 weeks right now.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something but I'll continue to update as I remember new stuff.
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