Saturday, June 27, 2009

Potty Training Day 1

I know I know we just took the paci from him last week but I wanted to try to potty train him during the summer. I would rather me be able to do it and not have to worry about his teacher at school doing it. Anyway he's going to ESY(summer school) and next week they don't have school. I decided to cancel all his therapy for next week to and just see how he does. If he isn't ready then we will try again in a few months. Today we just stayed in underware and no pullups and I tried to make him go sit on the potty often. No luck getting him to go in the potty but he did pee outside!!!! He was really excited about it and so I think that's a start.

We went to my parents house that afternoon My dad cooked and the kids swam.

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