Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bye bye paci

Well we made it almost 72 hours without a paci. Can you believe that? Daxton was starting to want his paci at all times and so I decided we should try to take it away. He's understanding so much more so we told him that the paci fairy wanted his paci and she would bring him a present. (not sure how much of that he understood) Anyway he helped me put all of his pacifiers in a gift back and we hung the back outside. Him and Daddy swam and then a few hours later we went and looked in the bag. He was really excited to see his 2 new video games that the paci fairy left him but then put his hands over his face and said "Oh no what a do?" "My paci!!!" He really didn't even cry just whine about it. And of course has been asking me a hundred times a day for one.

Then just when I thought we might have seen the last of Daxton's paci guess what he found in the couch tonight? I didn't say anything and just let him fall asleep with it. Hopefully this doesn't set us back.

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