Sunday, September 7, 2008

This past year

Last year we were just starting to be concerned about Daxton. We thought he was a late talker and a hyper little boy but by October his behaviors were getting worse and he still wasn't talking. My boss, Janice, thought I should talk to Dr. Thompson about it and so I did. He recommended we contact Early Steps and Maura Mize for speech. Daxton started with speech with Maura and we started the process with Early Steps. Maura has taught him so much. She is about the only therapist that Daxton actually cooperated with. Early Steps start in Jan 08 and Daxton started seeing a speech therapist, behavior therapist, and Occupational Therapist. A couple of the therapist thought he had signs of Autism so we started seeing a pediatric neurologist. She first diagnosed him with sensory proccessing disorder and language delays and would continue to rule out Autism but then in April 08 she diagnosed him with Autism(high functioning) and a language disorder. In May 08 Daxton turned three and Early Steps stopped and we started with the school system. We wrote the IEP in May and then Daxton started school this August. So far Daxton seems to love school and is doing alot better than I expected.

May 23, 2008~Sage Parker was born. He weighed 5lbs 5 oz and perfect. Sage had a 2 vessel cord and they had been monitoring him to make sure everything was ok. They noticed he wasn't growing like he should and decided to take him a little early. He did go to the NICU but only for a few hours and then came back.

2 weeks later he had a seizure and we stayed 2 nights at the hospital. His EEG came back abnormal but all the other tests came back fine. Since then he's been on an apnea monitor but hasn't had anymore seizures. He does have silent reflux but he's been on meds for it and it seems to be much better.

Then Daxton had a seizure a little over a month ago and then had another one about a week after that. They did a CT scan that came back normal and an EEG that also came back normal. He started a seizure med called Zonisamide but we couldn't get him to take it so about a week ago they changed it to Keppra.

With in the last 2 months Daxton's behaviors have been getting worse. I'm not sure if it's from the seizure meds or what is going on.

Anyways I've started this blog to help me keep up with everything that's going on. Life has been crazy and things change so fast. I really want to keep up with Daxton's progress and issues he's having. I also think it will help me to be able to write out things I'm going through.
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