Friday, July 30, 2010

Pageant Photo

Tomorrow Chloe is in a pageant. It's a beach babes pageant and she gets to wear her bikini :)

I really wanted a cute picture of her on the beach to use as her photo for this pageant. So this week we went to the beach and even though I got tons of cute pictures of her....I didn't get one of her smiling at the camera. She was sleepy and more interested in the sand, water, people, and cars than smiling for the camera. I wanted one of her smiling so today we went outside and took some more of her just out in the backyard. I decided to use this one for the pageant tomorrow....


It's not a beach picture but it's still cute! So now I have tons of cute beach pictures and tons of pictures from today that I'll be posting really soon. They are so cute....ahhh I can't wait to post them!!


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