Saturday, January 7, 2012

Project 52

There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again.”


Life is having the ability to see the wonderment in the world even after you "grow up."

So I attempted the 365 project last year and bombed! This year I AM going to do Project 52 and complete it. Yes one photo a week with a theme to inspire!

This weeks theme... RESOLUTIONS

I don't usually make new year resolutions...not that I don't have many many things I want to change. I try to make changes all the time through out the year. But there isn't just one time that I make resolutions I make them all the time and it's ever changing.

I would love to keep a cleaner house, get organized, be more patient, start exercising, be on time..and the list goes on and on BUT really those things are just small things on my list to accomplish. If I had to make an actual resolution it would be to draw closer to God like never fully give him everything in my life and trust him with it all. I am determined to study his word more this year...and praying our family finally finds a church to call home.

This project for me is about taking the time to capture the sweet little moments with my little ones. So resolutions!! My resolution is to Stop sweating the small stuff, to live in the moment....taking time to notice the small moments with my babies and soak them up because before I know it they will be grown. Give it all to God and steadily pray for HIS will for my life because nothing else even matters.


I took this picture on New Years baby girls 2nd birthday. We spent the day at my parents house playing outside. I love this picture. I feel like it reflects the small things...the sweet moments....the wonderment of being a child...the miracle and beauty of God's little creations.

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