Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cell phone photographs

I take photographs every day with my big camera and my cell phone. I don't ever really do anything with my cell phone photographs besides uploading a few to facebook so I decided to start using one picture from each day and making a collage. This way I can share them on my blog too.

So here is my new project....


I'm going to put together 16 days at a time. This is May 1st through May 16th. From left to right, starting in the upper left:

Daxton and Chloe playing and being silly. Sage passed out after a long day. 1st day of riding therapy. Charlie at the vet for his last set of puppy shots. Lined up cars, I'm sure you can guess who did that. The kids jumping on the trampoline. Miss Chloe watching a movie in her big brother loft bed. Crawfish boil for Mother's Day. My sweet peas just waking up. Chloe enjoying her ice cream cone. All 3 kiddos playing nintendo dsi. Playing in our fav store..the "red" store. Chloe loves ice cream. Sage Parker playing in the pond at Grammie and PaPa's house. 3 kids in the buggy...that's how we roll. Daxton showing off his new toy that he got for doing good at his eye appointment.

I'll post 16 more days tomorrow so we can catch up to current date :)

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