Thursday, June 23, 2011

16 more

Why did I pick 16 days at a time??? I really have no reason. I just decided 16 looked nice in the collage :)

May 17th - June 1st


Sage my little sleeper doing what he does best. The boys helping daddy empty the dirt for Sage's birthday party. Aunt Tyler's graduation. Chloe cheering at big brother's baseball game. Playing in the sand at Sage's dump truck party. Dax and Sage playing with the water beach ball. Happy 3rd Birthday Sage. Playing with the ipod touch. Sage Parker loving the water. Chloe in the sand box. Dax after his baseball game. Chloe passed out after Kharma's birthday party. Lil waterbugs enjoying the water.  Chloe having a snack while we swim and play. ChuckeCheese today. The view around our house lately since Chloe has decided to try and pull her diaper off all the time.

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