Sunday, October 24, 2010

**Winner**Name that Photo

And the winner of the name that photo contest is....


No fair! He has more hair than me!! ~ Krissy Morris


The other cute comments were:

Mommy, he's in my bubble!!

Does he have to ride with me?

Hey ,He's wearing my sweater!

Go away...I'm not ready for my photoshoot!

Mommy I know I am beautiful but he won't stop looking at me!!!!!!!!!!!

No boys allowed!

Who is HE??? And why is HE in here with ME!!!

I'm tired of taking pictures! This model stuff is for the birds!

AHHH! He slobbers!!

Wait!! Didn't you tell me they have COOTIES!!!

You guys did a great job!!! I loved all the comments :)

Krissy contact me to get your prize!

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