Thursday, July 7, 2011


You know you're a photographer when...

You pass an old barn and say "ahh that's pretty!"

You always have muddy knees from rolling around in the grass :)

You are up so late editing at night the only people on facebook are either photographers or people who live in Australia

You look at the big goose-egg on your child's head and think "I can clone that out"

Your hubby says "run kids!!" when you reach for the camera.

Instead of cleaning up the mess your child is in the middle of, you grab your camera to capture it...that's when my husband yells at me and says "Really???"

People look at you like you're crazy while you're out shopping because you look a bucket/basket/bowl/etc. and say "I wonder if I could fit a baby in there...."

You're correcting your toddler's technique with his fisher price camera

Every time you go into a store u look for new props

You stop a conversation midway to say "Ahh, now that is a Kodak moment"

You see a pretty empty field on the side of the road and pull over and drag all of your kids out of the car to photograph them in it!! LOL! Just did that one last week :)
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