Saturday, November 8, 2008

Last week

Halloween was last week. Daxton did so good. I was so worried about taking him trick or treating. I honestly didn't want to go b/c last year he was confused about the whole thing and I was thinking this year would just end up in a tantrum. We ended up going with Jana and Travis. Daxton even wore his transformer costume! He looked so cute and was so excited about going with Travis. They went door to door together for an hour and a half trick or treating. Daxton even held out his bag for the candy. I was so happy we went and so proud of him!

My lil transformer!

My lil fishy!

Our pumpkin party was last Saturday. The party was great and Daxton has a blast. He also wore his costume the entire party. It was so dirty lol!

We started the Risperdal last Saturday so Daxton has been on it for a week. So far I haven't noticed many changes. He seems to appear more tired but doesn't act like he is. He's still is hyper active self. I have noticed he is talking more which is a major plus! Starting today the dose will double and I'm hoping we see more improvements.

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